Friday, April 11, 2008

Dough Day: bread and pizza

I've been asked by a couple of dough novices to teach them how to make bread and pizza bases. Gee, that means I better not have one of my disastrous dough days. I better get it right.
They are providing the bread recipe and ingredients: I am doing the same for the pizza. Will report back.

It went well! It ended up only being one novice instead of two. so fine either way. We made Jamie's basic bread recipe from this month's delicious, and my original pizza dough recipe based on Donna Hay.

It was a lovely clear crisp afternoon, so perfect for some baking, kneading and tea-sipping. The bread recipe was a big hit. I don't really bake my own bread much, because I don't have a good recipe and previous attempts have ben very blah. But I am going to buy that copy of delicious, just for Jamie's bread recipe. It came out chewy and very Italianate, quite dense, but also light, pale and flexible. And it was quick to prepare too. Apart from the wrist-breaking knead session, the whole thing was relatively painless. It made us two medium-sized loaves and six fat rolls.
The pizza dough was a cinch after that. So soft and yielding... we made six plain bases, rolled them out, stacked them between sheets of baking paper, wrapped the whole pile in tinfoil and froze it. Ready-made pizza bases, ready to go. And not a preservative in sight!

Lots of fun. I need to get back into kneading, asap.

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