Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dinner at the Gunshop

Last night's Gunshop dinner was fantastic.
We ordered the rib fillet with broccolini, baby potatoes (the menu said they were roasted in duck fat, but they came out STEAMED! Porkface was devastated. Probably the only negative thing to report) and the seafood stew (clams, mussels, pipis, a couple of scallops and chunks of fish, prawns and some squid in a rich tomato broth with bread on the side.) My seafood was fab. Tender, everything fresh (according to the waiter, the gear arrived that morning) and very flavoursome. I love it when seafood is cooked not just quickly, but with loving care.
Two glasses of the house white, some $6.50 fries with aioli and sweet chili sauce on the side for Porkface (lucky those fries were there when he realised he was looking at steamed potatoes) and it was smiles all round.
Not sure what the staffing deal is at the Gunshop now, but it looks like their prices have gone up. Not substantially: it's still worth the money, but I wouldn't recommend it as a cheap quality eat any more. Just a medium-priced quality eat. The two mains we had were both around $30-$33.
Maybe since that previous chef went over to Pearl, they've had to hike things up a bit.
Still great though.

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