Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ham and cornichons on San Franciscan sourdough

Mmm. Inspired by a recipe in Pork & Sons by Stephane Reynaud: he says to build it on a French baguette (of course) and to chop the cornichons and smush them into the butter, so they don't fall off when you eat it.

Mine is the deconstructed version. Good bread, good butter (unsalted), tiny gherkins, good quality ham off the bone, the end.

The San Franciscan sourdough comes from the bakery at Rock n' Roll Marketplace, Logan Road, Greenslopes. It's chewy and really SOUR, which is probably a desired quality in a sourdough.

Look how the top of the bread is dark and smooth, yet finely pocked like the cratery surface of the moon.
This is the kind of lunch I really like to eat.

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