Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Luxury at 200 metres

We enjoyed a one-night stopover at the Marriot Surfers Paradise recently. It was rainy, cold, grey and blustery. We had a room on the 21st floor, with views to the icy ocean with big storm clouds rolling in.

Later we swam in the lagoon with the tropical fish and its waterfall.

The highlight may have been when we were down in the lounge bar having cocktails (French 75, and an original creation they call the Oasis... lychee, cranberry, Belvedere and lime) when I realised the weird tattooed old guy next to us was Tommy Lee. Yeah, him, the guy who used to be married to Pamela Anderson and now no one knows what his job is.

He looks so much older and weirder in real life, and especially next to normal, average people. Still cool though. I also saw him at the breakfast buffet the next morning, at a very civilized 9am.


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