Friday, May 16, 2008


It's my birthday next week.
What sort of cake should I make myself?


There's the possibility of last year's orange and almond disaster cake, or perhaps the recent lemon semolina cake, (lemolina?) or I could even go against tradition and go for the old chocolate Malteser favourite.

Or perhaps I'd prefer a selection of blueberry, raspberry and citrus friands with a candle poked in the top?

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pea & pear said...

hi there,
just popped in for a browse which I am loving and thought it would rude not to wish you a happy birthday for next week. I think you should make chocolate chunk cake as per smitten kitchens recipe for a very delicious birthday cake. I am from Brisbane but live in Sydney so I am very interested in your blog and will definatley be popping back. Happy Birthday for next week.
pea and pear