Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bagel burger

Mmm. After my search for the perfect bagel, and after someone recommended Glick's, I got a packet of their frozen poppyseed bagels down at Annerley. Pretty good. Slightly sweet inside, and more on the cakey side than I would have liked. Needs to be more chewy. But still a good bagel. I will try the non-poppyseed varieties and report back.

Anyway, with this particular bagel, I decided to create an Italian-inspired bagel burger. There's about four culture clashes right there for you: the US burger, the Jewish bagel (could tie in nicely with the US, except that there's a meat issue), the Italian ingredients, the Aussie twist. Gloriously un-PC and 90s fusion, trash-style.

Bagel Burger
  • 1 bagel

  • olive oil

  • beef mince

  • sliced fennel

  • juicy tomato

  • thyme leaves

  • fresh chili

  • capers
  • 1 egg
Slice bagel in half lengthwise and heat in oven till hot and toasty. Take a handful of mince and shape into a flat patty. Cook briefly in a hot pan with a little olive oil till done to your liking (I like mine very carpaccio-ish, brown without and oozy within.) Construct a bagel tower on the bottom slice of bagel: sliced tomato, fennel, meat patty. In the now-vacant pan, insert egg and fry gently. Add egg to top of tower, sprinkle with finely-chopped chili, thyme leaves and capers. Scrumptiousness.


Lara said...

Glad you found the bagels. Nice use of them!

I just did a google search - we may not have to resort to frozen bagels! There's a bagel shop in Nundah:
I may have to investigate...

littlem said...

Nice idea. I went through a bagel faze for breakfast. Yes they're hard to find, and then I discovered they froze them before they shipped them to woolies!

Steph Bond @ Bondville said...

GREAT. I've been searching high and low for good bagels (my husband is an American Jew so you can imagine that it's pretty high on our priority list to find something good!). Lara - did you try C Word? Pinky - did you try the other Glick's versions from Pennisi?