Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mama Cherri's and Gordon Ramsay

So we saw last night on Kitchen Nightmares an old 2005 episode where Gords visits Mama Cherri's Soul Food Big House in Brighton, fixes it up for the second time, but then suspects that they won't be able to keep it together once he's gone.

And you were right, Ramsay. Turns out the joint has now gone into administration and Mama Cherri's daughter ("Baby Cherri" ...tragic) is now trying to resurrect something from the ashes.

I couldn't believe on the show how much Mama would NOT SHUT UP. Even when Gordon was trying to say something really quite important, like imparting business advice, she was just yap yap yap the whole time. And that USA flag headscarf got a bit old, frankly.

Some VERY mixed reviews from the public who've eaten there, here and here.

Seems that the Gordon thing was a mixed blessing: he had good things to say about the down-home Southern-fried cooking at first, but then they got lazy and he had to do his flamethrower routine. Pity that Mama and Brian the chef could never work out who was driving the bus- it sounds like a really fun and interesting concept that could have become a local and tourist landmark. You can always buy the cookbook (above).


steph- whisk/spoon said...

i watched this, too...mama reminded me of whoopi goldberg.

faz said...

Steph - so right about whoopi goldberg.

I saw this ep as well. It was quite interesting watching them make the same mistake twice...and obvioulsy more!! I wonder if it's still open these days?

food bling, Brisbane said...

i liked Mama Cherri. for once on that show it actually looked like the person that owned the restaurant knew what she was doing. its such a great show. i love watching the pained expressions on Gordon's face as he observes what goes on in the kitchen.