Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Food haiku contest

Searching for the best food-related, technology-related or blog-related haiku! Remember, they have to be five syllables, then seven, then five again.

Let me think of one.

Interweb bloggers

Digital snaps are always

Clogging their hard drive.

What about:

The haiku challenge.

Should we ignore this contest?

Absolutely not.

Send 'em in, people! Winner recieves eternal glory.


Barbara said...

Hi, I did see this and sent it off to a friend who's very good at Haiku. I'm not but if I can think of anything I'l send something.

madameshawshank said...

treasured waffle recipe
MFK Fisher

what fun methinks!
dear Barbara..zillion thanks for the link:-)

how can one stop at ONE haiku..

chocolate oozing
King Island cream raspberries
beaters for licking

gorgeous blog!

madameshawshank said...

olive oil garlic
ubiquitous the onion
stirring alchemy

madameshawshank said...

last one I promise!

cyberspacing food
web grocer 'bye paper bag
still the soil calls us