Monday, September 29, 2008

Domanis Cafe Restaurant Bar

This morning was wonderful. We were up at 6, in the car at 6.30, and in Tedder Ave on the Gold Coast an hour later. Originally we wanted to try the breakfast offerings at the Main Beach Delicatessen, which I was very impressed by when we had lunch there a while ago. But as it turned out, they don't open until 8 or 8.30, and we wanted to have a swim earlier rather than later. So, instead, we went to Domani's, a couple of doors down, already open and full of corporate suits at one end and roadworkers in orange vests up the other. It was a clean, cloudless, gusty day, tough icy dumpers screaming in onto Main Beach, the usual GC posers doing their thing (and a lot of Americans down there at the moment. Why is this?), kids in rash shirts, clear green water, big rip, the usual. I love it.
Anway the breakfast was GREAT. Menu looked really good, so it was a perfectly good consolation prize for missing out on the deli. Good coffees too. The three of us had the Healthy Bee (fruit toast, yoghurt, and fresh fruit for my annoyingly sporty and healthy friend), the pancakes with maple syrup, icecream and a side of bacon, specifically requested to be fruit-free (I wonder who could POSSIBLY have ordered that) and the eggs benedict for me (if only I could resist a nice benedict in the morning. Unfortunately, I cannot). My poachies were lovely, soft, ham good, non-smoky, hollandaise slightly foamy and not the best ever, but still freshly made so can't complain, plus they came with a bonus of some slices of pan-fried potato. Nom nom nom. I enjoyed it.
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Barbara said...

Well I walked past Domanis at about 8.30AM this morning. My circuit takes me through McIntosh Park, along the beach and back home along Tedder Ave. I did see a huge Rolls car in front of the newsagent? Was that yours ;)

MBD have had lots of staff changes and a couple of months ago started opening later in the day.

Pinky said...

Well. you probably saw us on your walk: we were the loud ones reading the paper to each other and lazing about.
And yes, that WAS my Rolls out the front. Usually I'd take the Bentley out for breakfast, but it and the Duesenberg are having their door handles re-leathered. Thank you for noticing.
Good to know about MBD.