Sunday, September 21, 2008

Spotted dick

Ha ha, yeah, it's hilarious. At the British Lolly Shop in Kings Cross, the lovely owner let me take a photo of this can of spotted dick, imported from the UK alongside lots of other drygoods, cereals, puddings and teas. Plus all the lollies.
Wikipedia says that the pudding is also known as:

  • spotted dog
  • plum duff
  • steamed dicky
  • figgy dowdy
  • dotted lloyd
  • packphour's lament (what the hell?)
  • biff togger
  • Haverford lumps
  • nuns in a criddle
  • Dicky Widmark
  • plum bolster
  • A DD (Dotted Dick)
  • slattern's bonnet (Ooh, I like that one)
  • Spotted Richard
  • Dickie Burton

"Time fo' a spot of Dicky Widmark, mum? Dotted lloyd? I'll make us a noice cuppa."

I wasn't quite ready to buy the tin and inspect its contents, for if I were to try a spotted dick I'm sure I'd prefer to make it at home rather than go the commercial tinned route. For now I'll savour my picture of slattern's bonnet and dream of what might have been.

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