Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sydney Fish Markets

I had such a great time in Sydney. Pretty much my favourite thing was visiting the Fish Markets. Even though it was a weekend, so the auction floors were not operating, there was so much seafood there. I went into some sort of camera frenzy, running around like a maniac in a red coat taking photos of various fishlike creatures. It was FANTASTIC. The clams and the periwinkles, urchins, sashimi-grade salmon and tuna, huge-suckered tentacular giant octopus, mackerel, mussels, marron, bugs, scampi, school prawns, oysters, abalone, snapper, Atlantic salmon, crabs, all fresh, fresh, fresh. Local, Australian seafood, not imported, hardly ever frozen. Why do I find fish so exciting? Especially squid? We didn't even buy anything. No wait, we did. Some salt and pepper calamari: delicious, scattered with sliced green chili and unskinned. I love my photos of the fish markets.
There was also the Fish Market Cafe, where you could buy ready-to-eat cooked seafood in various configurations. You've got your oysters kilpatrick, your huge cheesy, greasy lobster mornay (someone we know ate this for BREAKFAST), your bacony scallops, and then of course there's the prawn dumpring. Mmm.
Look at this guy, buried up to his leering eyeballs in ice.
Blue swimmer crab. Imagine a dress in these colours...

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claire said...

Oh yeah, Sydney Fish Market is sen-bloody-sational. I was similarly overwhelmed when I visited late last year from Melbourne. Is there a similar equivalent in Briz?

Love the leering eyeballs!