Thursday, October 09, 2008

Servo time warp

So, the other day I had to fill the car up asap, on the way to Spotlight to get the fixin's necessary for the Melbourne Cup headpieces we are making. No traditional hats for us: it's giant tiger lilies, artificial grass, roses and butterflies all the way. I was THIS close to attaching a bunch of artificial rubber grapes to the side of my head as well. But no. Well, maybe later.

MEANWHILE, the car. The usual BP that I would go to on the way from work to Spotlight was under reconstruction. In desperation, I pulled into the little Matilda servo on the main drag at Everton Park. Before I had finished unscrewing the fuel cap, a servo guy had come out to attend me. Let me do that for you, love, he said. Oh, I said. (Thinking: is this normal? No one has ever HELPED me at a service station before!) After he filled my tank, this lovely person popped the bonnet and refilled my oil and water, pumped up all my tyres, including the spare, and washed my windows. And I only paid for my fuel. It was like being in a time warp: going back to a time when service stations actually meant that you received service. It was wonderful. I left there feeling like a million bucks, ladylike and special.
So please, visit the Matilda at Everton Park, to keep these guys in business. They, and we, deserve it!

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