Sunday, November 16, 2008

Easy summer dinner

I have a couple of very good friends who live nearby. I've known them for about five years, from the start of their relationship (and mine with Porkface) through their marriage last year (and my split with His Lordship) and to my new flatmate, and their buying a house, and me needing new furniture, and to, most recently, them providing me with a beautiful couch and table in my hour of need. So thanks, guys. I'm going to make you dinner.
What to make?
It's hot, so no stews or hot soups. It's Sunday night, so nothing too fancy. He's a man, so meat is required. Artichokes are in season. I'm in an Italian mood. They need to feel special tonight. So. Here's what I've devised:

  • Gin and tonics, green olives and marinated mushrooms
  • Salad of bitter greens, strawberries and a light vinaigrette
  • Fresh homemade pasta with artichokes, lemon, pancetta and thyme
  • Dark chocolate
Sounds good? I hope so. I also found some lovely pink peony roses at Coles, of all places. They look gorgeous on the table.

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