Sunday, December 14, 2008

More of my brooch collection

You've already seen quite a few of my brooches, but seeing as there's nothing quite like a good stickybeak through someone else's stuff, here's the rest of the collection.

Tiki god brooch from Rubi Rocket
MJ mini-cassette brooch
Vintage 80s icecream brooch
Black ghost from Mombasa
Flower paste brooch from friend

Vintage pop-up Easter brooch

Three Blind Mice brooch from georgielove

Olive bead cluster
2 x Eiffel Tower stamp brooches
Halloween pumpkin
(all made by me)

Plastic bat brooch
(made by me)

Giant African Grey parrot
Black-banded parrot
Rainbow lorikeet
Sunbird(all made by me)

Best in Show polymer (made by me)- one of my favourites!
Storybook brooch from georgielove
Mini felt bird

Mao and Andy Warhol pins from GoMA
Stripe and spot pins from Riverbend Books
Moustachioed lady pin from Tilly Bloom

Red plastic bird from Equip

Butterfly fish
Gingerbread twins
(all made by me)

Set of three handmade llama brooches
(gift from a friend from Nepal)

Silver fan from Diva
Enamel zebra from Paddy's Markets, Sydney
Crystal spider from Ebay

Black enamel owl and enamel flowers, both from Ebay

Baby photo brooch (it's me!) and 6 Birthday brooch
And yes, I do wear them both.

Purple/orange crystal and enamel pansy, from Galeries Lafayette, Paris
Icecream charm brooch, made by Ema-Lea

Christmas brooches: pudding and sock from flea markets
Star from Equip
Angel from a friend

Blue stone brooch from a friend
Green hummingbird from a friend
Sparkly elephant from Ebay
Pearl elephant from a friend

Hanimex Film Processing Consultant brooch, op shop
PNG Olympic Team 2000 pin, Sydney Olympics
Senior Leader pin, op shop
Plastic metallic leaf, Lifeline

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