Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Red piano bench

My latest home addition. This was an old piano bench that I found at the second-hand shop for about $25. It was covered with a piece of faded cracked leather and the inside had two broken hinges attached to one side, so the cushion was sitting freely on the top. There were quite a few marks and rust stains on the unsealed wood as well.

I took the cushion pad off and used pliers to rip out the old screws and hinges, plus any bits of old nails. Then I sanded and tidied up the body, and spray-painted it a bright gloss red. The wood grain still comes through a little bit, which I like. I re-covered the cushion pad in a cotton dobby fabric from Spotlight: chocolate brown with a white self-patterned design. Then we bought new hinges and attached the cushion to the body, and I also attached a chain on the inside to stop the hinges swinging too far back. All that's left to do is to attach some calico or similar on the inside, to cover up the raw edges of the dobby and to create a nice smooth finish underneath the cushion.


Rizzo said...

I think it looks great!

Were you nervous at all about painting the wood vs. doing a stain and preserving the wood look?

Pinky said...

Not really- the wood wasn't that great-looking anyway: quite a few scratches, marks, stains, worn patches... and not in a nice way, either. Plus, I thought I'd never be able to stain it the exact colour of my piano (brown lacquer) anyway, so why not go to the opposite extreme and make it RED!!! It turns out the brown cushion works pretty well with the brown piano...