Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lists, thanks and goodbye, 2008

It's been an interesting year for me: personally and professionally. I think it's also been a great year for the world. We've seen the first black US president elected, the Beijing Olympics were a great success, it was the International Year of Languages, petrol prices went up and then down, finally, Kevin apologised, World Youth Day was held in Sydney... and or course, lots of terrible things happened as well, but I'm not going to dwell on those. Best to be thankful for the year we were given, and hope for exciting, eventful, fulfilling times ahead in 2009. Happy New Year!

But now, down to the lists. I love lists.

My top meals of 2008

  1. Artichokes

  2. Easter cupcakes with mini eggs

  3. Damien Pignolet's prawn entree

  4. Walnut and lemon fettucine

  5. Semolina lemon cake

  6. Gunshop seafood stew

  7. Ham and cornichons

  8. Homemade bread

  9. Bloody Marys and sandwiches at Pearl

  10. The Mother's Day lunch

  11. Dinner at Sono

  12. Dinner at Mere Catherine

  13. Breakfast at Locantro

  14. Dinner at Busshari

My top ten films of 2008

  1. Quantum of Solace

  2. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

  3. The Dark Knight

  4. Wall-E

  5. Iron Man

  6. Cloverfield

  7. Slumdog Millionaire

  8. In Bruges

  9. Young at Heart

  10. Roman de Gare

My top ten albums of 2008

  1. Thriller 25: Michael Jackson

  2. Flight of the Conchords: Flight of the Conchords

  3. That Lucky Old Sun: Brian Wilson

  4. Funhouse: Pink

  5. As I Am: Super Edition: Alicia Keys

  6. Priests: The Priests

  7. Rockferry: Duffy

  8. Back to Black Deluxe Edition: Amy Winehouse

  9. I Am...Sasha Fierce: Beyonce

  10. 808s & Heartbreak: Kanye West

My ten most annoying things of 2008

  1. Traffic

  2. Bindi Irwin

  3. The continued and widespread use of misplaced apostrophes

  4. Humidity

  5. Incorrect spelling

  6. Creepy TV ads for foot fungus treatments

  7. Morons who walk in front of you at the shops, blocking your way

  8. Pantry moths

  9. Clutter

  10. Fruit that goes mouldy before I have a chance to eat it

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