Saturday, May 30, 2009

Homemade hot chips

These are Dad's masterpiece. Ever since I can remember, we've been spoilt at home, chipwise. Unfortunately my efforts to duplicate these have been beyond pathetic. Luckily, he is around to prepare these perfect, crispy and fluffy hot chips at a moment's notice.
Dad slices his spuds, dries the starch off, then does them in two fries. The first fry is to cook them through, and the second fry crisps them up. Then comes the best part: he unfolds the newspaper onto the table and shakes salt and pepper all over it. Then he tips the piping-hot crunchy chips onto the paper, folds up the parcel, and gives it a good shake. Then he decants the potato parcel into a serving bowl. One day I will be able to do this without stuffing it up: until then, thanks Dad.

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