Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ten secrets of a perfect roast chicken

Use the knowledge wisely, grasshopper.

  1. Select well thy bird. Use a large chicken, organic, hormone-free, free-range, etc. Good quality. Anything else and you take your life into your hands.
  2. Choose your seasonings. Tarragon is traditional, French and best. Chinese five-spice also very good. Garlic always lovely.
  3. Loosen skin over breast with your hand, without breaking it. Under the skin, stuff some herbs and/or spices, and some olive oil. Rub over the breast meat and replace the skin.
  4. Anoint with olive oil and a tiny pinch of salt. Rub in well. I also usually squeeze a lemon over it and shove the empty halves inside.
  5. Skewer openings at both ends closed. No gaps = no juices being lost.
  6. Truss loosely.
  7. LOW oven, about 150C. Say NO to searing heat, NO to quickly-crisped skin.
  8. Sit chicken on its side. Turn onto other side halfway through.
  9. Long cooking time. You cannot roast a quick perfect chicken. About 2 hours.
  10. REST chicken under tin foil out of oven for at least 15 minutes.

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littlej said...

ooo that sounds delish. i'm going to try that on sunday. with a side dish of beans/sprouts and roasted sweet potato/parsnip. i love winter food.