Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fresh almonds and flat peaches

At a fruit shop in the 17th arrondissement, I saw these weird green things for sale. I had no idea what they were, and I couldn't read the spiky writing on the sign, either. Aranje? Arande? It wasn't until I got home and zoomed in on the photo that I realised: amande! Amande fraiche! Fresh almonds. I would NEVER have guessed what they were from looking at them, either. They are kind of velvety and velcro-like to touch. These ones were from Tunisia.

The flat peaches were for sale everywhere in Paris and London. They are white peaches, exactly the same, except flat. A friend told me that it's because they are wild-growing and therefore haven't been bred to be nice and round and commercial-friendly. The interweb says otherwise... but they are fragrant and very delicious, all the same!

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