Sunday, July 19, 2009


Laduree, the fanciest cake and pastry shop in Paris. They are most famous for their double macarons: two crispy chewy colour-saturated macaroons sandwiched together with a delicious ganache filling. Of course, they also make many other sublime treats.

Above: le Saint Honoré Rose-Framboise. This has a crispy layered pastry base with rose icing and pastry cream, a vanilla cream topping, mini-choux puffs filled with pastry cream and coated with rose icing, and fresh raspberries and rose petals.

We decided to sample a selection of macarons and to try the Saint Honoré. I'm sure it goes without saying that it was beyond delicious. Scrumptious, perhaps. Inspired. Decadent.

Even the packaging is ultra-feminine and gorgeous. From left to right; our macaron flavours were:

  • red fruits
  • licorice
  • salted butter caramel
  • milk chocolate
  • coffee
  • rose
  • another salted butter caramel
  • bergamot

These macarons were just exquisite. Chewy, sugary, light and flavourful.

Some more macarons here. I noticed a Laduree store in London, and apparently there are a few more around the place as well, but when in Rome... enjoy the original and the best.

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food bling, Brisbane said...

mmmmm that sure looks like a fantastic way to spend a day in Paris. looks like you are having a great trip!