Saturday, October 31, 2009

Paris supermarket

Curious about what those fancy-pants Parisians have in their shopping trolley? Some of it ain't that fancy.
Frozen paella, mini-pizzas, frozen vegetable medleys
Teissiere fruit syrups, to be added to mineral water
Green mint, grenadine, glacial mint, lime, passionfruit, strawberry, blackcurrant, grapefruit

A treasure-trove of chocolatey malty milky additives.
Chicory (the French are totally into this, I think they had to have it during the war to stretch their coffee), and lots and lots of sweet hot chocolate mix (including the famous Banania)

Boudin blanc (with wine) and boudin noir (with onions).

They love chocolatey cereals. LOVE them.

Dairy goodness. No pasteurisation here, just raw-milk cheeses, varied, fragrant, cheap and calorific-terrific.
Normandy camemberts, Bridel, Lepetit, President, raclette, coulommiers, Fauquet

More fromages, and butter. Caprice des Dieux, Cremeux, Cabecou de Perigord,
Charentes-Poitoux, Chaource, Boursault, Brin de Paille, Rouy, Le Vieux Pane

The flavoured yoghurt and dairy dessert section. Enormous. Chocolate rules supreme, of course.

Fruit dairy desserts and breakfast yoghurts.

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Elizabeth Gibbons said...

WOAH, I loved this post, I am completely fascinated by foreign grocery stores, When i First moved to Brisbane a fun time out was going to the local coles or woolworths to look at all the new things I'd never seen before. I am one of those people who sees a new product or cute pacakaging and i buy it. Going to France looks like it might overwhelm me. Thanks for posting this, I can't stop looking at all the amazing food.