Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hummingbird Lager

Apparently, girls, this is made just for us.

Much like we are addressing an oversight of female artists, we are also
addressing an oversight for female drinkers by bringing you a light refreshing
beer created especially for women - Hummingbird Blonde Lager. Australian women drink over 44 million cases of beer a year but there wasn't one beer made
especially for them. Lower in carbohydrates, a smaller 275mL bottle, light and
fresh tasting with a hint of citrus -Hummingbird Blonde Lager by Cruiser is
something for the girls to enjoy.

Anyone tried it yet? It's made by the same mob who do Vodka Cruisers, so that's already a turnoff. Seems like they want to appeal to 19 year olds who are trying to look classy in front of their 18 year old mates. Perhaps not really a grown women's beer. Then again, maybe it tastes great, what do I know?
They are milking the whole thing at the moment with their 100 Top Female Artists campaign. Much as I admire the sentiment, it all seems a little too cold and calculated for my liking.


liz said...

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Nicole said...

As a 24 year old who considers herself to be fairly intelligent, I want to hate it, but I have to admit it is marketing genius - and a clever rip off by reducing the drink size to 275ml (they are only 0.9 standard drinks each).

BUT the problem is I actually think they (specifically the one with passionfruit added) are actually very delicious, so I am a reluctant lover of this beer.

Jeremy said...

My folks bought a carton of this because it was $20... cheapskates. Its the worst thing I've ever put in my mouth. I'm a 28 year old male beer lover and I'd rather drink a pink vodka cruiser than this horrendous excuse for a lager. No amount of spin or fancy packaging is going to polish this turd.