Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Lunch feast at La Ferme de Mont St. Michel

We visited Mont St. Michel. It was lovely, but crowded, hot and full of tourists. I learned during this little expedition that the Mont is the second most-visited tourist site in France, after Paris. Not surprising then that basically the whole lower half of the island and the 2 km of road leading to it is full of mostly-dodgy tourist restaurants and lame souvenir shops.
We discovered this gem of a restaurant tucked away where the tourist restos stop. It's called La Ferme de Mont St. Michel and was recommended to us by a local. It's in an old stone farm building with a pen of goats in the back yard. We turned up starving at about 1pm and didn't leave till after 3- not really your traditional four-hour French lunch, but close enough. They had a 19-euro (so cheap!) menu that we didn't expect to be as delicious as it was.
Originally we were hunting the agneau pré-salé (salt-marsh-fed lamb) that the region is famous for, but they had run out. Moules marinieres more than made up for it.

Cidre Pommeau and home-made crisps
Selection of four local terrines
Apple and pork pastry terrine
Moules Marinieres with potatoes and vegetables
Far Breton
Local cheese platter

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taroinbrisbane said...

Hi, nice blog. So envious you are holidaying in France! May only be me but I usually find entrees to be my favourites in French food. Especially creamy terrine. I just find the mains to be too much of the same flavour and not so exciting.