Sunday, November 08, 2009

Masterfoods commercial

Julie from MasterChef is starring in a couple of TV ads for Fountain Sauces and Masterfoods Australia. Is it just me, or are they both deeply tragic and embarrassing to watch? In the one where she tells her boys to take the bins out, one of her sons gives her this look. You know he's thinking, "OMG Mum. This is so lame. You have totally sold out and gone mad with power. I'm just doing this because the bribery money I'm getting will pay for a new PS and Grand Theft Auto 4".
And in the other ad, where she pretends to have a deep and meaningful convo with herself in the pantry, assigning various Masterfoods sauces to various future meals while pretending to be a wholesome family mum who mysteriously wears ridiculously raccoony black eye makeup while whipping up saucy chicken for lunch with Margaret Fulton. And again to you, Margaret, WTF? Haven't you got enough dough stashed away from your life of fabulous cuisine contributions? Surely you don't NEED whatever Masterfoods is throwing at you to smile at Julie Goodwin and pretend to take a bite of a pre-prepared packet sauce chicken. As if. You probably spat it into your napkin as soon as the shot was over. You wouldn't be caught dead with a packet.


Ange said...

Glad I'm not the only one who thought thought this!

Adrasteia said...

I could accept the Julie sellout, but I was not impressed with Margaret Fulton. I saw the ad and all I could do was shake my head and go "no, Margaret, no". Please Margaret, you are better than this.

Completely unrelated to food but definately related to sell-outs, how many ads is Delta Goodrem in lately? Sunsilk, Nintendo DS, So Good AND Pro-Activ - she puts the Masterchef crew to shame. That's how to sell out.

Anonymous said...

Ummm...think you got the brands wrong. Next time you see it you will see it is not MasterFoods and instead Glad and Fountain brands.

Liv Boy said...

How could she be in ads for MasterFoods and Fountain aren't they competitors? Either way they are terrible ads, I cringe everytime I see them.

Anonymous said...

uh... strange thread!