Saturday, December 19, 2009

Breakfast at the Continental Cafe

The Continental is behind Chouquette at New Farm. There's a little airconditioned room out the back that is filled with trompe l'oeil brickwork, moulding and faux-Euro mantels and shelving. It has a lovely big tapestry on the back wall and it's a bit like being in a slightly naff Swiss boarding house in the 80s. It's great. The breakfast menu is also great: names like The Belgian, The Norwegian, The Swiss, etc. Good prices, too. Pictured is The Italian with the field mushrooms, and The Euro, with the poachies. Lord, how I love poachies. It's a deep character flaw.

We all agreed that the roasted tomatoes were fantastic- probably up there with the best tomato of my life. Bread was a strong chewy sourdough and very fresh. I fantasised that it was from next door at Chouquette. A really good and high-quality breakfast, and what's even better, the tea was strong, leaf, Earl Grey, delicious and got three cups to a pot.

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