Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blue Smoke BBQ

Well, hush my mouth. Apparently the best (read: only) BBQ and rib joint in Brisbane. Perhaps I agree.

I first heard about Blue Smoke via Urbanspoon, weirdly enough. It looked interesting. Then I googled it, to find reviews praising the food and damning the service. Despite that, we decided to go, and prepared ourselves to eat well while fending off possibly abusive waitstaff.
However. Arrived, given reserved table promptly. Friendly, positive, energetic staff. Complimentary cornbread turned up. Soft, spicy, warm cornbread with creamed honey butter. SIN. FANTASTIC.
Ordered, with help from the manager who was very lovely and straightforward. A plate of buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce ("original" spiciness level), half size servings ($21 each) of Kansas babyback ribs and Memphis ribs, each served with chips and coleslaw, a Budweiser and a Heineken. Total cost $35 each, not cheap, but not over the top either.

Buffalo wings JUICY. I sucked those wing bones clean.

We were both VERY glad to have chosen the half-serves of ribs, because they were insanely huge, and on top of the ten giant wings with sauce and the cornbread, it was getting crazy in there. And delicious. And with great atmosphere and service. (Kansas ribs with sauce, Memphis ribs with dry-rub and tomato sauce)

Maybe Blue Smoke read the internet reviews and lifted their game, or maybe all those other reviewers were nuts. Either way it was great, the food was great, service was great, fun night. Yumbo.


Joy said...

Hmm... I've been keen to go here for a while but I'd seen all the crap reviews about the service so never bothered... I think you've convinced me :)

Gastronomy Gal said...

Wow- ribs are so good when they are good. Have you been to Stetson's and tried their ribs- I'd be interested to know what you think.

eye candy carousel said...

I love love love the wings and Kansas baby back ribs at Blue Smoke! Also love the creamed spinach as a side dish, sooo good!