Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Glazed maple cookies

From Martha Stewart. These are really, really beautiful. I love their glassy mirror finish and their rich gorgeous colour. Maplelicious.
In the recipe, Martha says to "drop the batter" onto the baking trays, but my mix turned out more like a dough, so I just rolled it into balls, flattened each ball with a flat-bottomed glass dipped in flour, and reduced cooking time to about 10 minutes instead of the 12-15 that Martha says.
The finished bikkie is firm but chewy, with a soft caramel-like glossy top. I sprinkled each one with a couple of grains of Maldon salt.
They remind me of imaginary honey biscuits that Winnie the Pooh might have had in the treehouse with Christopher Robin, or maybe something that The Famous Five would have packed in the hamper for adventurous afternoon teas.

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Joy said...

MMMM - these cookies have got me craving pancakes with bacon and maple syrup... will def give this recipe a go soon :)