Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Haus Cafe

Popped down to Our Haus, Riding Road, Hawthorne, for a spot of lunch. Overwhelmingly good feedback from the interuniverse, so I was looking forward to something interesting and tasty. Pictured here is the cheese and tomato toasted sandwich with salad, the Caesar salad and some fries to share. Toastie was well recieved and the chips were a winner (note to cafe: serve aioli with them next time please), but my salad did not please me so much. Sure, all the elements were there, so A for effort but execution gets a C- at best. Poached egg on Caesars are great, but this one was a fridge-cold poachy and so did not ooze satisfactorily. Salad leaves were only one layer thick, and croutons, while made from your excellent house sourdough, were over-baked and really hard on the teefs. Anchovy good. Dressing good. Feel free to toss the dressing through a little more and even add some water to thin it slightly, get that coaty, crispy, juicy effect on your salad leaves. Just a suggestion. Coffee was lovely. Interior decor was also lovely- I was a big fan of your bright fuschia banquette seating and your quaintly decorated inside room, even if there were too many people jammed in there for a simple weekday lunch and even if half of them were annoying wannabe yuppie women who shop at Marg Kaye. Bit squishy at times to get through to a seat. Also think about getting rid of that INCREDIBLY LOUD AND ATMOSPHERE-DESTROYING JUICER or blender or whatever it is. Surely someone must make a quiet one these days. Or just shove that one out the back, and send the work experience kid or the most hated member of staff out there to be on Juice Patrol. Speaking of staff, our waitperson was very friendly and very lovely and very sweet, even if he did seem to be a bit Special Ed at first, when he brought us two forks, then took them away, then came back with one fork, then a second fork, then went away, then returned and took the second fork away again and replaced it with a butter knife. One butter knife. Lucky it was only for a toasted sandwich; or maybe that was the point. Anyway he was very nice and it seemed like all your staff are like little shining Happiness Fairies. Good on them. Unfortunately though, if I return, I won't be having a salad. Maybe work on those- in the meantime I'll order a sandwich or something.

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