Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grub St Cafe

Had heard really good things about Grub St. The interwebs were all a-flutter and people were saying it was totally worth the trip to Gaythorne, which isnt really even that far out of the way for anyone, unless you live at Mt Cotton, in which case you've got more problems than needing some good coffee anyway, so we decided to go check it out.

Cons: A bit hard to see / find as you're driving past, but once you know where it is, you're set. The outdoor seating is basically in a driveway, but that's OK cos the inside is fairly cute. When we went in, the waitperson was a bit surly and a few of the tables needed to be wiped down, so options of where to sit were limited. Screaming local children and some fairly insane other customers, but that's not their fault. Pros: Good coffee. Food was delicious, nice and hot, except my plate had a few grimy specks on the edge. It was fine though. We had the bacon and egg burger, and the corn cakes with chorizo and poached egg. Very tasty, not over-salted. Everything got completely polished off and the plate juice was mopped up with bread scraps. And good prices- $30ish for two people with coffee. Very good. Well done Grub St: I wish you all the best and my only advice is to friendly up your wait staff and create a soundproof fenced and electrocuted area in which to corrall the local offspring.

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