Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tao kae noi

My new faaaaavourite snack!

Not sure how legit this snack really is in Japan, given that it has Western writing all over the packet, but I'm sure the essence is there.

Big shards of crispily flavoured seaweed, coated in various seasonings such as seafood, tom yum, hot n' spicy, or original. AND the packet is resealable.

You can get these at Asian supermarkets for about $2.50 a packet. Just as well they're not in normal supermarkets yet, or I'd live on nothing else.

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Anonymous said...

In Facttttt, although it said to be 'Japanese' seaweed infront of the bag itself but it and its company thingy was found and own by a Thai guy called 'Top' or sth