Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eurovida's Bastille Day dinner

Amuse-bouche of salmon in pastry cups

French onion soup with cheese toast
Scallops with a green pea puree
Grilled fish with a buttery almond sauce and green beans
Creme brulee

As a group, we agreed that the scallops were the best. The cassoulet was a bit too strongly spiced for us, and a few of us found it hard to digest. Soup good, fish good, creme brulee too firm and cold, but with a good crunchy top. Service good. We had a nice table, but when staff kept going in and out of the back door and letting in huge gusts of icy air, that was not nice. Ditto when they brought in the industrial mop bucket and cleaning gear while we were still having dessert.

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