Sunday, July 24, 2011

French Festival 2011

Really, we only went for the macarons. These ones were from the Belle Epoque stall (made by their patisserie at the Emporium). The salted caramel was by far, and really by far, the absolute best. The others were also excellent but just too sweet for me. Apart from that the festival was well-attended, despite there being not as many "fun" stalls as I remember from last year (jewellery, clothes, homewares etc) and just lots of corporate and travel-agent stalls. Meh. Stage performers tried hard, but the crowd wasn't in the mood to be interactive (note to festival organisers: Francophiles and language people generally don't enjoy calling out lame responses and yelling out how they're feeling. It's not Homebake. Or a Wiggles concert). The coffee was OK, considering. Some good efforts from food stalls: merguez, rillettes, quality fromages, crepes and the like. Too many middle-aged women in berets and swishy coats for my liking: they looked like they were off to a fancy-dress French Stereotypes cocktail evening. Leave the flag-themed outfits and pompom hats to the little girls- there were MANY and they were all ADORABLE. Likewise for the schnauzer in a sweet little red harness, nomming away on a bread stick. I WANT ONE.

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