Monday, October 22, 2007

El Chimichurri de papa

This stuff is great. It's like an Argentinean sauce or dip. Here's what others say. It's made of parsley, garlic, chili, herbs and whatnot.
We first came across it at the Eumundi Markets, where the guy was selling it at his stall along with hunks of crusty bread that customers could plunge into its silky pungent green depths and taste at their leisure. He makes a mild green one and a hot red chili one: they're both awesome.
After we went through the Eumundi jar in record time, I found it again in a little fruit shop-deli off Dicky Beach at Caloundra about a year later. That jar disappeared pretty fast too.
Now it has been rediscovered HERE IN BRISBANE. The only place in town that stocks the proper Chimichurri de Papa is the little corner shop in Pampling Street, Camp Hill. Actually I'm not surprised: that little corner shop is pretty amazing. They have fresh Coffin Bay oysters in there next to the Trim and the newspaper. No joke.
The jars are about $10 each and they are worth every cent. My current hot chili jar is being used as a dip, a marinade for chicken pieces, and for stirring through hot couscous with coriander.

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