Saturday, October 20, 2007

Potato ricer

These are really hard to find, but I finally found one at Taste at Bowen Hills. It's just like a big garlic press that you use to make proper mashed potato. You boil the spud, pop it in and it gets smushed through lots of little holes. Apparently the deal is that the ricer separates and fluffs up the grains of potato, unlike a masher or (heaven forbid) a food processor, which just beats the potato into submission and pounds it all together. I am really excited about trying the ricer. It's got a few different attachments so you can have finer mash or coarser. Mum is going to use hers to smush up tomato sauces and things, but seeing as I cohabit with the Starch King of The Universe then I think I'll probably be using mine in a more potatoey fashion.

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