Monday, December 31, 2007

Mango and turkey salad

What a way to use up the Christmas turkey. Mmm mm. Refreshing, light and delicious. I could eat this every day for a month, easy. Mango enzymes contain a tenderizing agent that works well on dried-out stringy Christmas turkey.

Mango and turkey salad

  • 1 big juicy mango (I like mine refrigerated for extra refreshment), sliced and cubed

  • Leftover turkey breast, sliced or shredded

  • Butter lettuce or cos lettuce

  • Red onion, sliced finely

  • handful of fresh snowpeas or sugar snap peas, trimmed

  • snowpea sprouts

  • Verjuice or diluted white wine vinegar

  • Maple syrup

  • salt and pepper

Combine all the salad ingredients in a big bowl. Stir together the verjuice, syrup, salt and pepper and pour over the salad.

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