Sunday, January 20, 2008

Herb garden

Got me a little herb garden in a pot. Thanks Mum. The plan is that they will grow and intertwine and tumble over one another to create a little cottage pot of kitcheny goodness.
What's in the pot? Oregano, basil, a chili bush, rosemary, a tomato plant, thyme, snow pea sprouts. In a different pot I've got French lavender growing, and in another there's silverbeet. Hoping that none of them die (it hasn't begun well: when I brought the pot home I dropped it on the lawn and had to repot half the seedlings. Perhaps an omen? I could name the garden Damien) and that bugs don't come over for a snack, either. Only I shall be snacking on those herbs, thanks very much.

I'm most excited about the tomatoes, and the basil. It will be just lovely to be able to make a tiny little salad from tiny little fresh tomatoes (2 minutes old) and fresh basil out of my very own Damien.

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