Tuesday, March 17, 2009

QPAC food

So I see that QPAC has reopened, along with its refurbished Lyrebird Cafe. Was it just me, or was the Lyrebird always fairly expensive? I remember it as being full of overpriced and quite boring food, and lots of pretentious people sitting around eating slices of stale quiche. The problem, back in the day, was that there weren't too many options for a quick bite before a show and so probably the Lyrebird capitalised on that. But now, oho, the tables have turned! There's a plethora of quality grubspots along Grey St (Piaf and Gingka, to name two) and a canny theatre-goer can enjoy a cheap and delicious meal very easily. So what will happen to the Lyrebird? Will its rebirth be phoenix-like, rising from the ashes of mediocrity into a brave new world of modern dining? Or will it languish? I say the Lyrebird needs to look to models like Watt at the Powerhouse, which is open for easy and fast, classy meals before shows, but is also marketing itself as the place to book for product launches, weddings, cocktail parties, corporate functions and the like. The Lyre has got itself an absolute primo location, maximum accessibility, foot traffic and public transport at its doorstep, and the audience (and diners) are there waiting. Now it needs to re-market, re-badge and re-invent, for the good of the city and for its own self-respect. Looking forward to seeing what transpires.

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littlej said...

I agree. 'overpriced and quite boring people...lots of pretentious people sitting around eating stale quiche'. ha. with people thinking twice about what they spend their money on at the moment, restaurants really need to think up creative ways to entice customers to keep coming back.